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The benefits of sports practice for your health

We already know that sports are good for our health, physical and mental. It’s no secret. But you know all the ways exercise helps to improve our condition?

Let’s get started. First of all, be clear: age is never an excuse. We can all enjoy the benefits of sport in our health. Physical activity is a very good cardiovascular and brain ally.

Our sports routines should provide relaxation, endurance, muscle strength and flexibility, among others. In addition, exercise prevents many diseases such as obesity, hypertension or diabetes.

Did you know that about 15% of deaths in developed countries are attributed to a sedentary lifestyle? For this reason the importance of sports. At BEKEEP we offer some benefits of physical exercise:

  • Controls overweight: Being active and exercising regularly helps burn calories. The more intensity, the more calories you burn. The key is consistency. If you don’t have time, try to be more active during the day. For example, don’t take the elevator and go up and down the stairs.
  • Fight diseases: Staying active prevents cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension or diabetes, but also others such as arthritis, depression or even some types of cancer. Neurodegenerative diseases should also not be forgotten, since the health of our brain is closely linked to cardiovascular health.
  • Puts you in a good mood: Just 30 minutes of sports practice makes you change your mood. It also positively affects our self-esteem and confidence. Thus, sport is an effective method for relieving stress.
  • Increase energy: Practicing exercise causes you to increase your strength and stamina so that our cardiovascular system works more efficiently.
  • Helps sleep: Physical activity stimulates the ability to fall asleep and make sleep deeper. Of course, it is recommended not to exercise just before going to sleep.
  • Stimulates sex life: Playing sports makes us feel vital and energetic, which will make you enjoy a full sex life.

Studies recommend exercising moderately for about 150 minutes a week. In case the physical activity is intense it will be 75 minutes.

Sport brings benefits to your mind

It is true that many people do sport to improve their cardiovascular system or get a body of ten. There are, however, other positive factors that are achieved with regular physical activity, such as psychological benefits.

Exercise has been shown to improve cognitive functions. In addition, several research summarizes that regular exercise is good for humor, memory, and learning.

Playing sports releases endorphins. It is a chemical that produces a feeling of happiness and euphoria. As we have already mentioned, physical exercise reduces stress and increases the production of norepinephrine, which allows moderating the brain’s response to stress. In this sense, there is no doubt that looking better physically will make you feel better so, consequently, you will improve your self-esteem.

Sport is more than just going for a run, going to the gym or pedalling. The better the perception of yourself and your health, the more your social relationships will grow, and consequently there will be an increase in self-confidence.

Sport prevents cognitive impairment. By exercising between the ages of 25 and 45 you can prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Exercising also improves your memory and brain capacity. Did you know that exercising produces more neurons and more connections between them?

Physical exercise versus COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our reality. It has affected us psychologically and on a personal level. For this reason, we will talk at BEKEEP about the benefits of playing sports in front of the COVID-19.

Fears resulting from the pandemic can cause anxiety or depression. Physical exercise is a natural antidepressant and will help you stay positive. It will be one of your best ‘vaccines’.

The pandemic and the confinements have cut your routes-walking, running, or cycling-or your sports. As is well known, sport helps our cardiovascular system. This will help us to prevent conventional pathologies and even more with the coronavirus, since one of its most serious complications are venous thrombosis.

COVID-19 can cause pneumonia. In advanced states, it produces pulmonary fibrosis, which will leave sequelae in the patient. Thus, improving aerobic capacity is especially interesting.

Sport is a good protector of the organism, and also against COVID-19. Be careful if you practice high intensity exercises. If you demand too much of your body you can suffer a drop in defenses.

BEKEEP takes care of your health

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