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The benefits of going up and down stairs for our health

Who doesn’t remember Rocky’s first film, the mythical scene in which the fighter runs up the stairs in what would be the culmination of his training, which would eventually lead him to combat against Apollo Green, motivating, right?

Then you’d think about watching that scene, “I want to train like Rocky,” and include in your daily routine or training climbing stairs like Balboa to get in shape.

It is the best approach and the simplest you can propose to improve your health and performance at any level, forgetting the elevator every time you arrive home, the escalators of metro stations, shopping malls, airports, etc…

Going up and down stairs has many benefits to improve your health and performance, some of them are:

  • It strengthens the muscles and the heart, helping to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • It helps regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Increases lung capacity, improving your aerobic capacity.
  • Accompanied by a healthy diet promotes fat burning and gradual weight loss, developing more toned and strong legs and buttocks, can even reduce and strengthen the abdomen, do not forget that it is also exercised with this activity.
  • It increases resistance, which will achieve higher levels of strength and energy.
  • It favors the improvement of blood supply, reduces stress and improves mental capacity.

Don’t think about it anymore, from BEKEEP we encourage you to get up from the sofa and start to go up and down stairs progressively, each one at his level, with dedication and constancy you’ll get better over time!

Always consult your doctor before starting a physical activity.

Remember, exercising is about improving your health and quality of life.

Oscar Garcia Rizos