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Did you know that BEKEEP is a free sports tracking platform? In this article, I want to explain a little more about its operation and its free registration.


Let’s go for the freemium!

On the one hand, BEKEEP highlights the relationship between the coach and the athlete. Try to facilitate tasks like; the evolution of results, communication, recording of activities, and much more. On the other hand, it makes it easier for athletes to focus on workouts and to record them more easily. In other words, everything translates into an increase in performance and communication.

You will be able to accompany your athletes and discover the importance of investing in them, with BEKEEP.

Next, I am going to give you a brief summary about the advantages that you can obtain by registering for free:

Plan to measure

Design training plans adjusted to the needs of your athletes and teams.

  • Customize activities to your liking.
  • Plan in stages and weeks.
  • Distribute volume, quality and intensity in the workouts.
  • Create and keep track of events, rallies and races.

Easy monitoring

Keep a complete track of your plans. Athletes will be able to easily save workouts and performance information they have had during sessions.

  • Training record: times, heart rate zones, kilometers, unevenness…
  • Record of body parameters: weight, heart rate at rest, muscle percentage…
  • Custom annotations.
  • Borg scale.
  • Integration with sports devices.
  • Real time monitoring.

Analyze smart

Carry out a personalized follow-up and make the most appropriate decisions; plan form points, detect overtraining and prevent injuries.

  • Graphics by intensity and quality of training.
  • Visual alerts of training overloads.
  • Tracking the runner’s sensations.
  • Analysis tools for all athlete data.
  • Compare different athletes and seasons.

Communicate in real time

Talk to your athletes live, help them and motivate them. Through:

  • Live workout feedback, results and comments.
  • Documentation.
  • Weekly annotations.
  • Video calls.

And this is just the tip of iceberg. BEKEEP can offer much more.

Would you like to put it to the test? Get your freemium!

Whichever your sport is, register for free, and as a result you can start discovering the app. Every coach and athlete I know has fallen in love with BEKEEP.