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Learn how to calculate your heart rate zones

Knowing more about your heart rate zones can help you set performance limits in your workouts. Manage to perfect your sports requirement and plan to achieve your goals, whether professional or amateur. Discover your perfect heart rate zones with BEKEEP calculator and get your report free with just one click.

Knowing your pulsation zones can be much more useful than you imagine, both for your sports challenges and for your health.

How to calculate your heart rate?

It is merely important to know how to control the pulsations in our daily life, but this fact gains more notability when the practice of some sport comes into play. The more intensity, the more importance. The calculation of the heart rate of our heart is essential to not put in risk our health and to be able to optimize the training.

First of all, but, we must learn how to take the pulse. It can be done in several ways. It’s simple. We should place the index and heart fingers where an artery passes near the skin, for example in the neck, groin or wrist. Once we have the localized heart rate, we have to press with those fingers and count the pulses for a minute.

Heart rate zones, important for increasing your athletic performance

The pulsation zones, better known as heart rate zones, will help you take a step further in your workouts, improve your fitness and gain in effectiveness, while you will feel better about yourself. Based on the heart rate, you can work more easily the intensity during your session and increase it when you consider it appropriate.

Heart rate zones are divided into 5 and will be calculated based on resting pulses and maximum pulses.  Let us now look at the first three:

Zone 1

50-60% of maximum pulsations. Ideal for weight loss. It also serves to recover after a hard effort and decrease muscle fatigue.

Zone 2

60-70% of the maximum pulsations. This area should be the priority in your workouts, especially in running and cycling, for example. It serves to increase the intensity and should be practiced with long tours.

Zone 3

70-80% of maximum pulsations. Strength, power and aerobic capacity are trained. Improves blood circulation in the heart.


Now, if you want to compete to the maximum, where you should focus is in zones 4 and 5. Be very clear that it is an anaerobic exercise and you should practice it at most 10 minutes consecutively. Remember this: at shorter interval, more intensity. We proceed to talk about them:

Zone 4

80-90% maximum pulses. It is said in a popular way that muscles burn. It serves to improve performance. It works with high intensity intervals (HIIT) and anaerobic exercises. Good zone 4 training also improves lung capacity.

Zone 5

90-100% maximum pulses. This is one of the most intense workouts there is and you should only practice between 3 and 6 minutes. Zone 5 exercises require a prudent recovery time before re-training.

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