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In order to start to run well and avoid injuries, it is important to sink in and gradually increase intensity. Here comes the question we all ask ourselves when it comes to starting… How do I start?  Believe me, the answer is easy, but doing it costs more, below I explain how and why.

The first day you propose to go for a run, you try to give yourself the maximum and you end up exhausted, you have a hard time and that makes you dismount and end up sitting on the couch, again.  

What the experts in running and athletics recommend, is the formula of running + walking.


Running + walking

It’s about starting slowly. Giving more courage to start running by looking at the time you spend, instead of the miles you do. As I say, if you want to make 5k, the main thing is to get bottom and the best way is to combine running and walking. This, which is so simple, costs more than it seems.

If you live a very sedentary life, before starting with the formula of running + walking, I recommend that for a week or two you go for a walk about 4 days on average. Ideally, walk as fast as you can, without jogging.

When you’ve done these homework, you’ll see that you can start with the running and walking intervals.  If you are in good physical shape, you can start with the combination of both (running and jogging). You should notice what your body needs.

Well, you have the option to start by counting the time (run 3 min., walk 2 min.) or the meters (run 500m, walk 400m). I personally recommend that you start counting the time that the activity lasts, as I say a little higher, do not pay attention to the meters or kilometers you do. You gotta remember, running doesn’t mean rushing.

Leave all electronic gadgets at home! It’s true that we all like to wear the watch or the app and see how you beat yourself, but for your first sessions I don’t recommend it since it’s the only way to focus on what really matters.

At BEKEEP we offer some guidelines you can follow to start running:

    • Week 1: walk 45 seconds + run 15 seconds. Repeat 29 times
    • Week 2: walk 40 seconds + run 20 seconds. Repeat 29 times
    • Week 3: walk 30 seconds + run 30 seconds. Repeat 29 times
    • Week 4: walk 20 seconds + run 40 seconds. Repeat 29 times
    • Week 5: walk 15 seconds + run 45 seconds. Repeat 29 times
    • Week 6: walk 10 seconds + run 50 seconds. Repeat 29 times
    • Week 7: walk 1 minute + run 2 minutes. Repeat 9 times
    • Week 8: walk 1 minute + run 3 minutes. Repeat 7 times
    • Week 9: walk 1 minute + run 4 minutes. Repeat 5 times
    • Week 10: walk 1 minute + run 5 minutes. Repeat 4 times
    • Week 11: walk 1 minute + run 6 minutes. Repeat 3 times
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    • Week 15: walk 1 minute + run 14 minutes. Repeat 1 time
    • Week 16: Run for about 30 minutes

Keep in mind that these are very generic guidelines. If you lead a very sedentary life, it is very important that you go to your doctor and put yourself in the hands of a coach or personal trainer, to help you and encourage you to continue.

If more questions arise, you can always contact us.