Did you know that BEKEEP is a free sports tracking platform? In this article, I want to explain a little more about its operation and its free registration.   Let’s go for the freemium! On the one hand, BEKEEP highlights the relationship between the coach and the athlete. Try to facilitate tasks like; the evolution […]

In order to start to run well and avoid injuries, it is important to sink in and gradually increase intensity. Here comes the question we all ask ourselves when it comes to starting… How do I start?  Believe me, the answer is easy, but doing it costs more, below I explain how and why. The first day […]

Stretching muscles well is not a complement in the sports world, but a fundamental part of training. Throughout the training, your muscles and joints undergo a lot of load and impact and suffer, so it is important to reserve a few minutes before and after sports to stretch. As you can see, the stretching phase is […]

Knowing more about your heart rate zones can help you set performance limits in your workouts. Manage to perfect your sports requirement and plan to achieve your goals, whether professional or amateur. Discover your perfect heart rate zones with BEKEEP calculator and get your report free with just one click. Knowing your pulsation zones can be […]

After the summer heat we all feel like a bit of fresh and snow. In this article I will give you all the tips to prepare the ski season and start without injury, or unnecessary tiredness for not being in shape. The ideal thing to prepare the ski season, is not to lose shape, to […]

With BEKEEP it is possible! We know how much you love sports, which is why we have designed a new functionality in our app that will help you create workout routines and assign them to your athletes. Here’s how to do it: Select from the side menu the option My workouts > Routines. Once inside […]

Sports performance is a fundamental concept for any athlete, whether professional or amateur. And this has a lot to do with motivation. How can such performance vary so much in the same season or during a competition? The answer is simple: the sport pressure. At BEKEEP we offer you the keys so that, as a […]