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8 tips for preparing ski season

After the summer heat we all feel like a bit of fresh and snow. In this article I will give you all the tips to prepare the ski season and start without injury, or unnecessary tiredness for not being in shape.

The ideal thing to prepare the ski season, is not to lose shape, to be constant and not forget the muscles in summer. It can be said that the main thing is to have been doing cardiovascular exercises as they are; running, rowing, boxing, jumping to the comba, cycling and swimming.

How to get your body in shape before putting on your boots?

Well, I want us to focus on 8 types of exercises, with which you can combine a very simple daily routine to do and at the same time very complete at the muscle level. Remember that both BEKEEP app and your personal trainer can help you organize your routine.


Nordic walking, running, cycling, jumping rope. These are four very simple aerobic exercises that can be done on the street or in the gym.  With this, you get your cardiovascular system ready for the endurance required by winter sports. Otherwise, you will end up so exhausted that your skiing skills will seem null. In addition, most injuries occur when you are tired, so this will help prevent an early end to your season.


It consists of taking a long step and then going down and up the center of gravity of the body. It has an eccentric phase and another concentric phase. During the first one the body moves in favor of the force of gravity, goes down. During the concentric phase the body does it against gravity, it goes up. Both phases are important when working the muscles.  This improves strength and balance, in addition to avoiding some injuries that are prevented with leg stretches.



Do as many types of abdominal exercises as you want, but at least play the basics like, elbow to knee.  You need those central muscles for all the lean and strength you need to ski.



Position yourself in the lizard position, but then lean over your elbows as you put your hands together in front of your face.  The goal is to keep the body straight and flat, like a board for as long as possible.  This helps you do a full abdominal and back workout to make up for the muscles that attach to your abs.


Place a bar (stick) on your shoulders, keep your feet apart at shoulder height, and lower as much as you can while keeping your eyes focused on the wall in front of you.  You may get tired, but your thighs will feel much better as you make beautiful curves on a pow day.



Start from a standing position, then drop to the ground for a push-up.  Then grab the upward impulse to stand up and end with a jump with your hands in the air.  Repeat and remember that you are doing it for the mountains 😉

como hacer burpees


There are many yoga postures that can help you prepare before climbing the lifts, but utkatasana is perfect. Basically, you stand with your feet almost together, your knees not at a 90-degree angle and you extend your hands in front of your face.  It will help fortify your legs and reduce tiredness during the days of skiing.

postura de la silla



Draw a line on the floor, place yourself in a mid-squat position, keep your body straight, jump sideways, plant and return to the initial squat position. So successively return to the first side and repeat. This closely mimics the ski movements, so it will prepare your mind and your body.

saltos laterales

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