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Grassroots Sport: Training and Education

“Do not punish your children with not playing sports”

Considering sport as a means to educate in early ages is a way to achieve the “mens sana in corpore sano” that is so much sought after in an adult. The improvement of the locomotive system, the creation of new synaptic connections, sociability, personal balance, etc. have been scientifically demonstrated in multiple studies regarding their relationship with the practice of sport.

Most team sports are also a metaphor for life itself: The pursuit of personal and collective goals (personal growth), individual improvement to contribute more to the group (collective growth), helping without waiting for help (solidarity)understand to the contrary and accept that he has the right to achieve the same objectives as us and that, in addition, he wants to prevent us from achieving them (empathy with the competitor), by complying with rules, from learning to win well without humiliating (respect) and learn to lose well understanding that losing is the only way to know our weaknesses to improve and, therefore, “losing” will be the seed of future victories (resilience).

Likewise, we must seek to create healthy habits to maintain the only body we will have for the rest of our lives.

Boys and girls must learn preparation techniques and understand the different physical qualities of the human body. They will also understand the importance of a good diet and healthy habits to achieve the personal and collective goals that will lead them to be better sportsmen and, undoubtedly, healthy people; In this regard, reference should be made to the definition of health provided by the World Health Organization (WHO): “Health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not only the absence of ailments or diseases”.

Thanks to the almost 40 years of experience as a basketball coach of base and regional categories I can affirm that this sport helps to achieve the following parameters of human training:

  • Improve individually to support the team.
  • Work as a team to achieve results that collectively favor us.
  • Respect for the contrary (competence) and coaches (clients, bosses, superiors, etc.).
  • Fight to the end, not fail and know how to ask for “change” (delegate) when we are not able to give the best of ourselves for the good of the group.

In this way, I can conclude that grassroots sport is an alternative that contributes to the education and training of children in which they learn, in addition to the techniques and tactics of the chosen modality, basic human relations, as well as healthy living habits.

Therefore: “Do not punish your children with not playing sports”


Text written by Francisco José Sarmiento Medina. Senior Dietician. Chiromassage and Osteopathy. Basketball Coach.

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